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Welcoming All New Patients to Plains Road Dental Office

General & Family Dentistry
Plains Road Dental Office is a medium sized dentist office concentrating on oral health for the whole family. We provide dental services including crowns and fillings, teeth whitening and mini dental implants. In 1994, Dr. Andres Traverse opened the dental office at 685 Plains Road East in Burlington and has been helping individuals maintain bright and healthy smiles ever since. Here at our office we focus on prevention of oral diseases. This allows us to catch dental problems before they grow into a bigger issue and offers less costly and more comfortable dentist visits in the long run.

Qualified & Courteous Staff
At Plains Road Dental Office, our staff members are friendly and dedicated to providing a comfortable appointment. Each of our staff can provide you with plenty of information on the care and treatment of oral hygiene, nutrition, and potential gum diseases. Good patient education allows you to make the informed decisions necessary for you and your family’s oral health.

A Dedication to Our Patients – Old & New
We’re dedicated to providing up-to-date dental procedures and equipment in order to find the best results for your dental health issues. Our staff members are sensitive to the specific needs of each of our patients. We understand that not all patients are the same and that at times our services need to be tailored to match you. Our main concern is making sure you receive the care you deserve in a comfortable atmosphere.

Always happy to welcome feedback; please tell us about your experience with our dental office. We look to continually improve our services for our patients both old and new.