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Let Us Help You Keep that Healthy Smile with Our Dental Services

At Plains Road Dental Office, we offer a variety of general and family dentistry services. Maintain the health and look of your teeth with frequent visits to our office. We provide up-to-date treatments and education on your teeth. Our main services include, but are not limited to the following:
• Cleanings & scaling
• Polishing & fluoride treatment
• Crowns
• Bridges
• Gum disease control
• Dentures / partials
• Mini dental implants
• Fillings
• Root canals
• Extractions
• Children & infant care

Let us help keep that healthy smile bright. Plains Road Dental Office provides cosmetic dentistry, including the following:
• Tooth whitening
• Porcelain veneers

Mini Dental Implants
One of our special treatments here at Plains Road Dental Office is mini dental implants. These implants are an alternative to regular implants. They are less costly and can be used for dentures, crowns, and bridges. For more information about mini dental implants, contact us.